• Untitled Novel #1 80%
  • Untitled Novella #1 70%
  • Untitled SOH Short Story Submission 5%
  • Untitled Novel #2 2%
Buy 31 Nights of Halloween

31 Nights of Halloween

’31 Nights of Halloween’ was released by Rainstorm Press and includes my short ‘The Full Moon’

Available on Amazon!

Buy '31 More Nights of Halloween'

31 More Nights of Halloween

’31 More Nights of Halloween’ was released by Rainstorm Press and includes my short story “A Dog’s Tail”

Available on Amazon.

Buy 'Midnight Creature Feature 2'

Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2

‘Midnight Creature Feature 2′ was released by May December Publications and includes my short ‘Barry The Basement Bear’

Available on Amazon.

Out of Print

Another 100 Horrors

‘Another 100 Horrors’ was released by Cruentus Libri Press and included the short The Little Fat Man’s Curiosity

‘Another 100 Horrors’ is currently out of print.

Book Blast: ‘Longclaws’

Welcome to the Longclaws book blast.  This one of a kind novel by Steve Peek is an amazing journey into a different kind of horror story, with a new version of the mythology the reader might not expect. With an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, this is an amazing book...

As Barnes And Nobles Edges Towards Closing…

So here’s the thing, I am part of the problem I am about to complain about. We’re all pretty clearly aware that Barnes and Nobles is in a death struggle. It is only a matter of time before the book giant slowly chokes to death on the impact of online sales...

I’ve Launched A New Author Page!

So while I’ve been getting plenty of words down on paper as of late and am inching closer to finishing a real first draft of a novel I realized I didn’t have a website devoted to my writing. Well, it was clearly time to change that which is why I’ve...

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