So while I’ve been getting plenty of words down on paper as of late and am inching closer to finishing a real first draft of a novel I realized I didn’t have a website devoted to my writing. Well, it was clearly time to change that which is why I’ve decided to relaunch! The URL has been sitting around gathering dust and as I’ve been taking my writing more seriously over the past year I feel that I needed to actually get this up and running instead of putting it on the back burner every week.

Clearly there is still a lot of dust from construction going on and a slew of areas that need to be added. However, I know if I decided to wait until the website was complete instead of just updating as I go along that this could take months to years to who knows when to actually get up and running.

So Hi! Welcome! Feel free to browse and over the next few months more and more will be added to the site.

-Stuart Conover

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