suffer-the-childrenToday marks the official release of Craig DiLouie’s ‘Suffer the Children‘. This is a novel that I reviewed for which you can read right here.

The quick version? I really enjoyed it. I’ve been a fan of Craig DiLouie’s work for quite some time now and this one really steps up the creep factor.

Honestly if you love horror you’ll dig this but if you love horror AND are a parent you will really relate to some of the characters here. I think the fact that I’m such a new parent is why the book really stood out for me. This is one of the most perfectly horrifying examples of being able to ask the question of “What are you really willing to go for your children?”

Also one of my quotes from this hit some of the promo material which included “This is a gripping tale of horror that hits nerves you didn’t even know that you had… This is some of Craig’s best work to date!” So that’s always fun.


If interested in reading it you can pickup a copy over at Amazon

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