Dying Days 4 CoverArmand Rosamilia is the author of, well, quite a few books! Most recently though is ‘Dying Days 4’ and I had a few moments to sit down and talk to him about that and writing in general. Enjoy!

Stuart Conover (SC): First off if you can share a little about yourself and what makes you tick as an author?

Armand Rosamilia (AR): That’s easy. Death Wish Coffee and M&M’s. Also, the need to be in the spotlight and the love of being able to pay bills as a full-time author. But mostly coffee and candy.

SC: Can you share with our readers a bit about the world that you’ve created in ‘Dying Days’ for those who haven’t read any of it yet?

AR: I won’t add in any spoilers, except to say the boat hits an iceberg and Leo drowns. Now, about Dying Days: the premise is extreme. The zombies don’t want to only bite and eat you, they want to violate you. As in sexually. They’re pretty scary and as the books progress they get even worse, although I won’t ruin the surprise. But the stories are really about the survivors and all the horrible things people can do to one another, even in a crisis.

SC: Of course without spoiling the first novel, what can we expect in your recently released ‘Dying Days 4′?

AR: A definite progression of the zombies themselves, as well as a few returning survivors from previous books. I like to mix it up. And once you’ve read all the books (up to this point) I hope you come away having no clue what’s coming next.

SC: You’ve worked with both small presses as well as self-published, if you can share a little about each of these experiences?

AR: I am a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket. Self-publishing my Dying Days series allowed me to write whatever I wanted and take it in whatever direction I wanted right from the first page. But I also see a value in working with small presses, both to get my work out to potential new readers, and to work with new editors and cover artists and get a fresh view of where my work is at the moment.

SC: When writing how many projects do you usually tackle at a time and how long does it typically take you to complete one?

AR: I always have 3-5 open projects up on my laptop at once. There is always one that has a definite deadline, and it is usually crazy (like 30k in 15 days), so that is always the priority. It’s also the one that pays the bulk of my bills, as it pays quite well and pays upfront. The rest are my own deadlines or stories I’m writing for a different publisher, so I keep track of what needs to be finished and in what relative order.

SC: What is your ideal writing environment?

AR: I just completed my office at home, with bookshelves we added onto the wall and all my ‘boy’ stuff like comic books, Red Sox memorabilia, and tons of books. I can sit here all day now and write. The only thing missing is a tiny fridge stocked with M&M’s and a carafe of Death Wish Coffee at my side. Maybe I’ll add them in the future.

SC: Are you able to write full time or just on the side?

AR: I’ve been a full-time author for over three years now and living the dream I’ve had since I was 12. It pays the bills and allows me to wake every morning, roll out of bed in my pajamas and sit my fat ass at the computer for hours and have some fun. I never want to go back into retail management.

SC: If you had one thing to tell an aspiring writer what would it be?

AR: Read everything you can get your hands on, and not just in your genre. Start to find structure and writing you like, and think about why you like it. And read horrible books to see what you don’t want to do.

SC: When writing do you plot out where you are going or sit down and unleash the words that come to mind?

AR: Total pantser. I find outlining too inhibiting. I’d rather let the characters tell me what they want to do, and just try to keep up.

SC: Do you ever get Writer’s Block? If so how do you deal with it?

AR: I do not, because I always have another project or two to work on. The only time I don’t write is when I’m lazy or get caught up goofing around online and not working when I’m supposed to.

SC: What author would you love to co-write a novel with if given the opportunity?

AR: Brian Keene. That would be the absolute dream for me. I’d even let him come up with the idea.

SC: Where can readers and fans alike find out more information about your books and upcoming projects that you’re involved in?

AR: I’m all over social media, but the easiest place is my website at http://armandrosamilia.com
Thanks for the chance to talk about myself!
Armand Rosamilia

10516633_10204171118138283_4296768031839309486_n (1)Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he’s not watching the Boston Red Sox and listening to Heavy Metal music… and because of him they won the 2013 World Series, so he’s pretty good at watching!

He’s written over 100 stories that are currently available, including a few different series:

“Dying Days” extreme zombie series
“Keyport Cthulhu” horror series
“Flagler Beach Fiction Series” contemporary fiction
“Metal Queens” non-fiction music series

he also loves to talk in third person… because he’s really that cool. He’s a proud Active member of HWA as well. 

You can find him at http://armandrosamilia.com for not only his latest releases but interviews and guest posts with other authors he likes!

and e-mail him to talk about zombies, baseball and Metal: 

[email protected]

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