So the last thing I got to share with you about ‘State of Horror: Illinois‘ was the gorgeous cover announcement which you can see pictured above. Today I get to share the release date of the anthology which includes my short ‘Chicago Blue’ and it is actually right around the corner! The book is scheduled to be available (along with State of Horror: New Jersey, which I didn’t submit to but you might be interested in as well) on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014! Barring an end of the world scenario or online retailers not playing well with others (which has been known to happen) you’ll soon be able to order a copy, I’ll be sure to let you know when I see it available to order!


In the depth of winter the field lay barren and cold. The remnants of the recent harvest push through the layers of wind-driven snow. Fields are divided by highways and county roads leading to small towns and solitary farms. Hard to imagine this cold barren place is alive during the summer. Summertime finds the farms full of life as the vast expanses of cultivated fields come alive with towering stalks of corn. At that time of year the heat, oppressive and heavy, rules this domain and is in stark contrast to the harsh desolation of winter.

Driving North on one of the many interstate highways, one would leave the rolling hills near the Kentucky border behind and travel into the river plains of the Midwest. Traversing through the area, small towns dot the landscape with their little houses, fenced yards and front porches, along with streets laid out in perfect grids. The small towns and fields seem to transform as the car moves farther north along the highway skirting the expanse of larger cities that pop up throughout the state. Then arriving at the final destination of the third most populated US city, Chicago, the essence of Illinois is felt with every mile.

Leave the safety of your world behind and travel the highways to the darker side of Illinois. Let your imagination run wild as you weave a tale of unspeakable horror.

Announced Author List: Here is the list of authors that will be in the anthology. It isn’t a Table of Contents as the order has yet to be set in stone but here is who you’ll be able to read from on its release!

Chicago Blues by Stuart Conover

Ritter House by A. Lopez, Jr.

Vishnu Springs by DJ Tyrer

What’s Eating the Mob by Paul Puffinburger

Seek No Longer the Beloved by Jay Seate

Drowning in the Hazel by Eli Constant

In Chicago, the Dish Is So Deep, No One Can Hear You Scream by Frank J. Edler

Out Come the Wolves by Claire C. Riley

My Porcelain Monster by Eric I. Dean

Chicago Mike by Della West

Piasa Remains by Herika R. Raymer

Dying Days: Great Mistakes by Armand Rosamilia

The Ghosts of Morse by Julianne Snow

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