Stuart Conover (SC): First off I’d love if you could share with my readers what your upcoming novel ‘Death’s Dance’ is about?
Death’s Dance is about psychic, Kerstin Palmer, who has been haunted by a figure in a black robe her whole life that she has been dreaming about. One morning, this dark figure appears in her mirror, but before she can touch it, her ex-boyfriend, Jackson, barges into her house saying he has to save her from this robed figure. Jackson explains why he has come back and tells her she must come back with him to help him investigate a ghost town called Death’s Dance for his television show. She’s reluctant to do so, but circumstances force her to head to ghost town with Jackson. Once there, Kerstin has to confront the phantasm that’s haunted her, deal with the other psychics , and the evil presence that ties her to Death’s Dance.

SC: What research did you use to help set the mood and location?
I researched and read what books I could find regarding grim reapers and death which I couldn’t find many. Mostly the images of death were those that I collected. And I binged watched episodes of several different ghost hunting shows.

SC: Who are your favorite characters in the novel and without any spoilers what make them special for you?
My favorite character is Than. He happens to help Kerstin in the story and protects her from the evil within Death’s Dacen.

SC: What initially drew you to writing in the paranormal genre and what has kept you with it?
I guess the first thing I remember about the paranormal genre in general was seeing the movie Poltergeist when I was a kid. As I grew up, I had always been interested in the paranormal, ghosts, vampires and everything that goes bump in the night. What’s kept me with it is they say write what you know. So I write about my experiences that I’ve drawn on from being a psychic and some of the strange encounters I’ve had. Now that I’m older, I’ve done so much extra curricular research on the subject that I know random things like where to get the best psychic readings online or in person in many different cities that I’ve never even been too.

SC: What is the greatest reaction that you’ve had from a fan of your work?
The greatest reaction I’ve had from a fan from my work having someone come up to me at a conference and tell me they came to it just to see me. It’s nice to meet people who read my stuff and actual know who I am as I’m such a small fish in a huge sea.

SC: What are your thoughts on traditional publishing and self-publishing?
Traditional publishing as in New York publishing…well…these days it seems they are lagging behind with the way the digital market has taken off. In college I wanted to go the traditional route and get an agent and of course make a million dollars off a book deal. And yeah… that never happened. So I got involved in indie publishing.

Self-publishing I go back and forth on, to be honest. I am thrilled that people can make a living doing it for those that can. But personally, I rather go through a publisher so I know that I will have cover art and edits. Editing is a huge problem in self-publishing in my opinion. I’ve read way too many self-published books that I can’t read because the editing is non-existent. Although with publishing being in such a state of flux, it’s hard to say from day to day which way to go is the best way.
I think as long as people are reaching their readers, then that is the best way to go.

SC: Do you have a certain routine when writing for getting yourself in the mood and mindset?
Most of the time I put on headphones to drown out the world and my three dogs and then just turn on the music and going with it. I listen to a lot of darker metal, rock, and a mixture of goth to get me into the mood of writing some of my darker stuff. I often watch movies while I write and it all depends on book what I’m watching. If I’m writing a horror movie, then I normally put in Rose Red, It, Ghost Ship, or something with a paranormal element I’ve seen before.

SC: From what I hear you have a small zoo. Have the animals factored into your writing directly or indirectly?
Oh yes, the animals factor in my writing all the time. I have an office at home where I do my day job and the dogs are always in an out. If I’m in there writing, I close the door and put the head phones on so I don’t hear them whining to come in. If I’m on the couch and writing, they are normally fighting for a spot to lay next to me which ends up meaning their head is on the laptop. Or I have to stop and feed them or take them out. Sometimes yell at the puppy. It’s a circus with three dogs.

SC: Do you have any advice for other writers who are writing in or who want to write in the genre?
I would say try not to force your scares. It’s kinda like with writing romance, which is the other genre I write in, don’t write sex unless it moves the plot forward. You don’t want to force something because then it just makes the device flat.

SC: Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
I sometimes do a basic outline on a book, but mostly I follow the characters down the gothic, paranormal rabbit hole to see where they lead me. I generally have a basic idea of where I want the book to go and the characters listen to me on that.

SC: Who are your three favorite authors or books that you would recommend to readers of your work?
My three most favorite books are:
The Making of a Monster by Gail Petersen
The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Abarat Series by Clive Barker

SC: If you could only have one type of cheesecake moving forward, what would it be and why?
That would probably be chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake because all those three wrapped into one is heaven. I am a huge peanut butter and chocolate person.

SC: What is the next project that you plan to be working on?
I plan on writing the fourth book in the Deathly Encounters Series called Death’s Descent. The third book in my Undertaker Chronicle series, and the first book in my untitled hunter series that I have recently started. And the sequel to my romance novel called Turning Ash. So yeah I have a lot going on. At this moment, I have three books to self edit so I can get them turned into publishers.

SC: Do you have any other information for my readers who may be interested in finding out more about you or your writing?
I have a six foot coffin in my dining room filled with dolls that happen to come inside their own coffins called Living Dead Dolls. I write romance novels as well as horror. I have eight tattoos and of those I have nine ravens on my body. I’m currently reading the Mortal Instruments series.

You can find me at all these places:

Twitter: @crymsynhart

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
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CrymsynHartAbout Crymsyn Hart: Crymsyn Hart is a national bestselling author of over seventy paranormal romance and horror novels. Her experiences as a psychic have given her a lot of material to use in her books. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her hubby and her three dogs. If she’s not writing, she’s curled up with the dogs watching a good horror movie or off with friends.

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DeathsDance1200X800Death’s Dance Book Synopsis: Being a psychic, you would think talking to the dead was a walk in the park. However, it’s not always that simple. The hooded specter haunting me is one I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. One day, he appeared in my bedroom mirror. Good. Evil. I don’t know what his true intentions are.
Enter Jackson, ghost hunting show host extraordinaire, and my ex, to save me from the big bad ghost.

From there…well…it’s been a world wind of complications. My house burnt down. I’m being stalked by an ancient evil and gotten myself back into the world of being a ghost hunting psychic. Jackson dragged me, along with a few other psychics, to a ghost town wiped off the map called Death’s Dance.

From there things went from bad to worse.

Death’s Dance is Book One of the Deathly Encounters Series

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