So I wasn’t going to actually start using this section of the blog until I had a book published and it was getting reviews, however I’ve always loved “Barry the Basement Bear” so can’t help but share someone sending it’s praises! I really was happy with the concept of the short as I jotted it down and I’m happy to know that at least one person enjoyed where I was going with it.

Now, this review was actively linked to me from a few people so I felt I should share it here. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that it was featured on The Horror Fiction Review and I would have stumbled across it myself eventually!

I’ve copied the review below that covers the anthology ‘Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2’ though my short is one of the ones specifically mentioned which is pretty awesome. You can check out what he said about it right here!

This anthology is a lot of things. It’s a horror anthology from a great press doing great things. It’s a collection of top notch stories written by a handful of brilliant authors. And, most importantly, it’s a trip down memory lane. Upon opening the book I was greeted by a motivational forward, TOC, and, get ready for it, it’s exciting… Ready? An admission for one, gold cinema ticket! I felt like I was gearing up for a trip to the classic Drive-in to watch the first showing of Mosquito. I took the ticket and ran with it straight to the couch, opened up the book, and left behind the bucket of popcorn and buzzing proboscis because I didn’t want the pages to get greasy.

There were more than a handful of standout stories I enjoyed. Some of my favorites were, “Dark Water” by Lillian Csernica, a gripping tale based around a glass of scotch, love, and family in an emotional rollercoaster that takes place by the sea. “Barry the Basement Bear” by Stuart Conover, a story about an abusive, drunk father and a child’s need for his best friend, who just happens to be his stuffed teddy, Barry. Barry has obsidian button eyes and an ivory smile. He comforts the main character throughout the beginning stages of becoming a foster child, until it’s time to let go. “The Blood Red Ruby” by D. Alan Lewis, is an action-packed tale that picks up where Film Noir left off, adding depth and horror into a great vintage pulp setting. You know, it’s 1929, we’re robbing banks, we’re getting the hot dame in the red dress, and having a first-hand encounter with death, the Grim Reaper, and a beast with razor sharp teeth.

With stories by Theric Jepson, Lillian Scernica, Stuart Conover, Chantal Boudreau, Matt Kurtz, EA Black, Tom Ribas, Suzi M, D Alan Lewis, Jill Behe, Elsa Carruthers, Jay Wilburn, and Michael James McFarland. We have this home run hitting, slam dunking, glass breaking and shattering in your face horror anthology that knocks it out of the park and is sure to make an impact on your psych just when you thought you were safe from the world outside. Oh, and don’t forget those giant pesky, blood-sucking mosquitoes!

-Jon R. Meyers

Thanks Jon and The Horror Fiction Review!

For those interested in picking up ‘Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2’ it is available on Amazon.

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