At long last my short ‘Chicago Blues’ is seeing the light of day!

I personally cannot wait! My short in it is actually one of the first zombie short stories I had written that I’ve tweaked over time and it has been looking for a home. It’s only fitting that it takes place in Chicago and is going to be in an anthology based around Illinois! Chicago Blues was actually one of the first steps for a little world building I’ve been doing for the main set of novels I’ve been working on releasing. It introduces a character and a company that will have a long stretch of being referenced ahead of them and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had enjoyed writing it.

State of Horror is a unique anthology in that it collects 13 horror stories for each of the 50 states.  Each state gets a book dedicated just to its own legends, folktales, hauntings, and general spookiness.  The actual state plays a role, or is a character in the stories. The settings of the State of Horror stories are recognizable even to locals.   All of the State of Horror authors take care to not only incorporate the state into their stories, but to create true horror stories to thrill readers of the horror genre.


Many of the State of Horror authors write an original tale of horror they have dreamt up and incorporated into a state.  Other authors take local lore or a famous haunt and put their own creative spin on the story.  Some authors even incorporate some history into their story and twist it until it terrifies even the hardiest horror lover.


State of Horror: New Jersey contains stories by Scott M. Goriscak, Frank J. Edler, Armand Rosamilia, Julianne Snow, C.I. Kemp, T. Fox Dunham, Christian Jensen, Eli Constant, Blaze McRob, Diane Arrelle, Margaret Colton, Nathanael Gass, and Tim Baker

Since State of Horror: New Jersey was previously released; within its re-launch, it features the six previously released stories along with seven brand new stories. The authors both new and old did a fantastic job of staying true to the horror genre with stories of the Jersey Devil, ghosts, and mystery under the boardwalk. In this book are authors who have published over 200 titles as well as authors with their very first published story.  All of the stories are crafted to show the scarier side of New Jersey while also giving the readers a good sampling of the state.


State of Horror: Illinois contains stories by Stuart Conover, Eric I. Dean, DJ Tyrer, Della West, Claire C. Riley, Herika R. Raymer, Frank J. Edler, Julianne Snow, A. Lopez, Jr., Armand Rosamilia, Eli Constant, P. David Puffinburger, and Jay Seate.

State of Horror: Illinois is the first of the new states to be brought into the State of Horror anthologies. The story settings range from Chicago all the way to the farmlands of southern Illinois.  Again with Illinois there is an eclectic group of authors with veterans branching out into a new area and new authors making their debut.  With ghosts, zombies, madmen, and so many other enticing characters, State of Horror: Illinois is sure to have something for every fan of horror.


Tuesday August 26th marks the release of State of Horror: New Jersey and State of Horror: Illinois anthologies by Charon Coin Press.  Both books are available in eBook and print format at online distributers like Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.  The cost of the books in print form are $12.99 and eBook $2.99. Come take a tour of terror around State of Horror.


About State of Horror Anthology Series

State of Horror anthologies are planned to cover all 50 US states as well as some special editions. The series is broken down into regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, South, Mountain, and Pacific) with books being released every five months. Upcoming releases will be State of Horror: Louisiana and State of Horror: North Carolina. Currently, submissions are being accepted for State of Horror: Tennessee and upcoming open submission, State of Horror: California.  For more information on open submissions, visit the submission page at


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Charon Coin Press is a US based publishing company launched in April 2014, which focuses on publishing speculative fiction with its mission-to produce quality works of speculative fiction with the readers in mind by creating a connection, a relationship if you will, with these fantastic authors. So whether it is a short story collection, novella, or full-length novel, we here at Charon Coin Press, are dedicated to making connections and ferrying you through this enjoyable journey of speculative fiction.


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In the depth of winter the field lay barren and cold. The remnants of the recent harvest push through the layers of wind-driven snow. Fields are divided by highways and county roads leading to small towns and solitary farms. Hard to imagine this cold barren place is alive during the summer. Summertime finds the farms full of life as the vast expanses of cultivated fields come alive with towering stalks of corn. At that time of year the heat, oppressive and heavy, rules this domain and is in stark contrast to the harsh desolation of winter.

Driving North on one of the many interstate highways, one would leave the rolling hills near the Kentucky border behind and travel into the river plains of the Midwest. Traversing through the area, small towns dot the landscape with their little houses, fenced yards and front porches, along with streets laid out in perfect grids. The small towns and fields seem to transform as the car moves farther north along the highway skirting the expanse of larger cities that pop up throughout the state. Then arriving at the final destination of the third most populated US city, Chicago, the essence of Illinois is felt with every mile.

Leave the safety of your world behind and travel the highways to the darker side of Illinois. Let your imagination run wild as you weave a tale of unspeakable horror.



Introduction – Jerry E. Benns

Out Come the Wolves – Claire C. Riley

Ritter House – A. Lopez, Jr.

Chicago Mike – Della West

The Ghosts of Morse – Julianne Snow

Drowning in the Hazel – Eli Constant

In Chicago, The Dish Is So Deep, No One Can Hear You Scream – Frank J. Edler

Chicago Blues – Stuart Conover

My Porcelain Monster – Eric I. Dean 115

Piasa Remains – Herika R. Raymer

Vishnu Springs – DJ Tyrer

Dying Days: Great Mistakes – Armand Rosamilia

What‘s Eating the Mob – P. David Puffinburger

Seek No Longer the Beloved – Jay Seate

Author Biographies

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