interviewI was recently interviewed by author Nicky Peacock (who I happened to have interviewed at the end of last October.) In it I answer such questions as what fictional character would I enjoy having dinner with and a bit about my publishing journey so far!

Here’s a snippet:
If you could have dinner with any literary character, who would it be and what would you eat?

Hannibal Lecter and something vegetarian unless we had someone else preparing it. Seriously though it would probably be Gandalf from a certain fantasy trilogy or two that you may have heard of. Something involving a ring. At any rate he seems like someone that would be all about hanging out over a gigantic filling meal and a couple of cold ones where he could tell grand stories about the past that are delightful to here as well as put on a fireworks show while he’s at it. The bonus is at the end he could probably magically take care of any excess fat/sugar/carbs you are trying to keep out of your diet!

You can check out the full interview right here on Nicky Peacock’s Site.

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