I’ve been eagerly awaiting for this announcement to come up! The first short story I’ve co-written with another author (This time, my great and strange friend Kerry Lipp, he’s got a strange Squid Fetish….) is going to be published in January by Charon Coin Press in the next installment of their ‘State of Horror’ anthology series: North Carolina. In the tale Lipp and I write about a bitter rivalry between two archaeologists who may have unearthed something that was meant to be kept buried.

So in random order is the list of authors and their stories to appear in Charon Coin Press’ State of Horror: North Carolina.

Dying Days: Grey Man by Armand Rosamilia

The Sacred Cave by Kathryn M. Hearst

The Devil You Know by Matt Andrew

By the Crescent Moon by Kenneth W. Cain

Chicken Bingo by Frank J. Edler

Death with Benefits by Randal Keith Jackson

Dead Girl Mary by Susan Hicks Wong

Fourth Point by Spencer Carvalho

Tools of the Trade by Margaret L. Colton

A Heartbeat in the Darkness by Stuart Conover/Kerry Lipp

Paddy Wagon Pete by Larry Heydorn

A Little More Mud in the Pasquotank by Nathanael Gass

A Feast of Sorrow by Frank Lanerd

State of Horror: North Carolina is scheduled for release January 2015 by Charon Coin Press. Look for interviews from the authors about their inspiration for their stories and their involvement with the State of Horror anthology.

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From the press release:

The next release in the State of Horror anthology series will be State of Horror: North Carolina set for release January 2015. State of Horror: North Carolina, like State of Horror: Illinois is a completely new state. All thirteen stories are original stories for the anthology and have not been released before.

The selection process was trying for me because I could only take 13 stories and I had some great stories to choose from. I believe the stories selected have a lot to offer and will make for a wickedly scary book. It is exciting to be working with this group of authors. Some authors make appearances in other State of Horror books and some are making their first appearance in the State of Horror family. It was really fun for me to see these authors’ takes on the state of North Carolina. I really believe readers will enjoy the group of stories we have put together. In addition to these terrifying stories about the dark side of North Carolina, there is as always, a new story from Armand Rosamilia in the Dying Days world.

As we get closer to the release date be looking for more information on these authors and their stories.

Via: Charon Coin Press.

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