It’s been a good week for ‘State of Horror’ as one of my shorts, “Gator Bait”, will also be featured in another upcoming ‘State of Horror’ release. So yes, coming out in January and February are two volumes of ‘State of Horror: Louisiana’, and I’ve been included in it! Below is the full author list of the two volumes in no particular order. Prior to Charon Coin Press purchasing the ‘State of Horror’ anthology series there was already a release of ‘State of Horror: Louisiana’ so this new take will include a few reprints from that volume along with a slew of new releases!

First up, here’s is the author listings that will be split between the two books:

Binky by Teresa Bergen*

Black Mud Curse by J. Jay Waller*

Voter Base by Sarah E. Glenn*

Runner by Henry P. Gravelle*

Reborn on the Bayou by B.A. Sans*

Selene by Edward Moore*

Risen by Pamela Troy*

The Kind of Belmer by Jonathan S. Pembroke*

Dying Days: Apple Bottom by Armand Rosamilia

Dying Days: Rally Cry by Armand Rosamilia

First, Make a Roux by Allie Marini Batts

The Recycling of the Skin by Alexander S. Brown

Gator Bait by Stuart Conover

The Bells of Rue La Barriere by Jay Lamm

Insatiable Angola by J M Lawrence

Goodie—Goodie by Chad McKee

Changing Favors by Margaret L. Colton

Blue Belly Bayou by Ambrose Stolliker

Cajun Critters by Ethan Nahte

The Pea Farm by Amanda Hard

Dog Killer by Nathan Pettigrew

Couseuse by Herika R. Raymer

Without a Trace by Melodie Romeo

Bayou Bites by Jay Seate

Stealing Sight by Tommy B. Smith

Indigo by Anthony Watson

* Indicates in previous release

State of Horror: Louisiana volumes 1 and 2 will be released January/February of 2015.

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From the press release:

August 2014 saw the release of the first two State of Horror anthologies. State of Horror: New Jersey and State of Horror: Illinois. Each book contained 13 tales of terror from their respective states. Why two books at once? Simply, one, State of Horror: New Jersey was a previously released book with six of the thirteen stories revamped for re-release, and State of Horror: Illinois was a brand new set of stories in a state not covered. With the next installment of the series set to be released in very early in 2015, Charon Coin Press decided to do something a little different.

State of Horror: Louisiana not only will be released the beginning of 2015, but will also be a two volume set. State of Horror: Louisiana was a previously released book with seven stories. Like State of Horror: New Jersey, all the previous stories are back and been freshened up for re-release. What was so much fun for me was the number of amazing stories submitted for State of Horror: Louisiana. I was going to choose the best four stories, but I could not turn away so many great stories. There just had to be a second volume.

Louisiana is one of my favorite places on Earth and I am anxious to get these stories into the hands of the readers. Many of the authors are new to State of Horror anthology, but they were able to capture the special flavor of Louisiana perfectly with stories from all around the state. Some of the authors you will recognize from other State of Horror books. Either way I am very excited to work with this crew and their great stories.

Via: Charon Coin Press.

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