The second of the ‘State of Horror’ anthologies that I am in has just received an official release date and next month is looking to be a little busy in the world of Stu. Moving our stuff (if not ourselves) into the new house, a second kid, and multiple anthologies that are being released!

‘State of Horror: North Carolina’ is set to officially be released on February 10, 2015 so we’re just under 2 weeks from it coming out. Not only is the story in itself pretty good if I do say so myself but it will be the first short that I’ve written with another author.

In the anthology you’ll be able to check out ‘A Heartbeat in the Darkness’ by the talented (don’t tell him I said that) Kerry Lipp and myself.

Here’s the official release announcement:

Charon Coin Press is proud to announce the third installment in the State of Horror Anthology series—State of Horror: North Carolina on February 10, 2015. This release marks the beginning of the 2015 release schedule and is the first of many releases over the next few months.

The stories contained in State of Horror: North Carolina stretch the imagination and bring the feel of the state to life. Overall, this book knows no limit as it crosses periods of history, geographic locals throughout the state, and even a peek into a future where all is not what it seems. Each of the thirteen authors brought their own voice to the collection by spinning horrific tales.

State of Horror: North Carolina will be added to the shelf with the previously released books edited by Jerry E. Benns—State of Horror: Illinois and State of Horror: New Jersey. Like its predecessors, it will contain thirteen original tales set in the culture, landscape, and tone of the state from which it is named. Additionally, it will also contain a special release of a Dying Days story from series creator, Armand Rosamilia and the incredible cover illustrations by artist Natasha Alerici.

State of Horror: North Carolina will be available in both print and eBook beginning Tuesday February 10th. Join in on the excitement as Charon Coin Press launches some great release week events and come back to learn more about the stories of State of Horror: North Carolina and the authors who created them.

What’s your state of horror?

Announced Author List: Here is the list of authors that will be in the anthology. It isn’t a Table of Contents as the order has yet to be set in stone but here is who you’ll be able to read from on its release!

Dying Days: Grey Man by Armand Rosamilia

The Sacred Cave by Kathryn M. Hearst

The Devil You Know by Matt Andrew

By the Crescent Moon by Kenneth W. Cain

Chicken Bingo by Frank J. Edler

Death with Benefits by Randal Keith Jackson

Dead Girl Mary by Susan Hicks Wong

Fourth Point by Spencer Carvalho

Tools of the Trade by Margaret L. Colton

A Heartbeat in the Darkness by Stuart Conover/Kerry Lipp

Paddy Wagon Pete by Larry Heydorn

A Little More Mud in the Pasquotank by Nathanael Gass

A Feast of Sorrow by Frank Lanerd

Be sure to check out Charon Coin Press at: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

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