Somehow I completely dropped the ball and missed this anthology being released last week! I’m not sure if I missed an e-mail or something but Sanitarium Press put this one out and I’ve been super stoked to see this one drop. The concept of the anthology is really fun as we had a single commute to put the story together from concept to as much editing as possible. As I do most of my writing on the commute I really enjoyed the challenge of making a complete story on the commute.

So I of course, made one about a commute.

Here’s the details!


Commute: Short Bursts of Terror Volume 1 showcases 7 short stories with a twist. These stories were written (1st draft) by the writers on their daily commute. The rules were you could only write there and back, and then submit it to us. The best 1st drafts were chosen then developed and here they are:

The Ten Hour Project by Julia Benally
A Man Walks Into A Bar… by Randy D Rubin
Breaking the Circle by D.L. Smith-Lee
Catacombs by Layla Cummins
Merge by Brian Ennis
The Temptation of Eve by Helen Mihajlovic
The Midnight Ride by Stuart Conover

We hope you enjoy the commute!

Available at Amazon!

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