Well folks, I get to happily announce that ‘Snowbound with Zombies: Tales of the Supernatural Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier’ has been released! Well, the physical copy at least. The digital should be coming soon! This is the latest anthology to contain one of my works which includes my short ‘The Scenic Route’ which is very loosely inspired by a story told to me by my Step Sister In Law (That is totally a correct term, right?) about a bike ride that ends up in quite an interesting house.

How my story relates to Whittier’s work?

One of Whittier’s later poems was “The Homestead,” written aftertravels where he saw abandoned farms dotting the countryside, victims of the pursuit of steady jobs and better wages offered by the factories and mills. Whittier entreats the younger generation to return to the abandoned ancestral farms and by inference, their roots. But as Stuart Conover notes, not all farms were abandoned in pursuit of a better life.

For those who enjoy being a patron of the arts you may be happy to know that profits from this anthology are going towards benefiting the Whittier Birthplace museum.


Snowbound with Zombies is a collection of 22 short supernatural stories inspired by the life and works of John Greenleaf Whittier. All proceeds benefit the Whittier Birthplace museum.

Although primarily remembered for his poems celebrating rural life, Whittier also relished a good ghost story – his poetry includes tales of witchcraft, clairvoyance, deviltry, premonitions, and ghosts. His first book was not of poetry, but a study of local superstitions, The Legends of New England, which includes retelling such tales as a schoolmarm whose murdered child briefly appears and drives her to confess, a demon fiddler who forces a party to dance until their legs wear down to bloody stumps, and various references to the Robert Burns poem “Tam o’ Shanter” with its witches sabbath in a haunted church.

Stories from Samuel T. Pickard, John M. McIlveen, Peter Rawlik, Christopher Golden, Scott T. Goudsward, Morven Westfield, Celia Thaxter, Stuart Conover, W.H. Pugmire, Roxanne Dent, Ken Faig, Jr., Judi Calhoun, Tracy L. Carbone, K.H. Vaughan, Joseph A Citro, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Karen Dent, Hannah Gonsman, David Bernard, Michelle Souliere, Gregory L. Norris, John G. Whittier, and Faye Ringel. Introduction by Tim Coco Edited by David Goudsward

Available at Amazon.

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