It looks like the fine folks over at Disquieted Dreams have released the cover art for their upcoming ‘Best Horror Shorts 2015’ collection. In it you’ll find my short ‘A Flash of Light’ which was previously published in ‘The Dead Walk‘ by: FOF Publishing and is a different take through the eyes of the undead.

The collection includes the following stories:
The Crow Scare – Mandi S. Lockley
A Flash of Light – Stuart Conover
City Park – John A. Karr
The Track at Ridge Rock Station – S.H. Mansouri
A Mouth Full of Spiders, A Gut Full of Snakes – Rhoads Brazos
A Campfire Tale – Shannon Hollinger
Harlquin Midnight – S.E. Casey
Open, Locks, Whoever Knocks – Timothy C. Hobbs
The Initiate – Edward Ahern
After Dusk – Rebecca Carter


Disquieted Dreams presents nine of the best short horror stories released in 2015. Whether you prefer human monsters or supernatural beasts these stories hold a monstrosity for every taste.

You may note that there are ten shorts and it lists nine in the synopsis. This was from early unfinalized art so I’m assuming changes are still to be made! Either that or mine wasn’t actually one of the best and they threw it in as a pity vote with nine of the actual best. Either way, I’ll take it!

I’ll give you an update when it is available for purchase.

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