Over 81,000 words later…
On Draft #1 of my first novel…
I can finally type…

In a novel tentatively titled ‘Freedom’ (This is MOST likely changing) that I’ve been working on for roughly three years I have the first main draft done.

While three years might seem long for a novel to many out there with how much I write, I would like to point out that while working on this novel I’ve almost completely penned a prequel novel, a prequel novella, a few unpublished short stories, and have fully outlined a sequel with a third book plotted out.

I’ve fleshed out quite a bit of a universe in this time!

My shorts “Lucky Chucky” which can be found in ‘Corpus Deluxe Undead Tales of Terror‘, “Saving The Flock” which can be found in ‘Rejected‘, and ‘Chicago Blue’ which can be found in ‘State of Horror: Illinois‘ also all take place here. Two of the characters are loosely inspired from ‘The Full Moon’ which was found in “31 Nights of Halloween” though that story would need to go through a major overhaul to fit in the world that I’ve created.

The book still has quite a ways to go before it’s ready to be sent to a publisher for consideration. However, I’ve learned a lot in the process. I write my stories off of outlines though have discovered that the way I outline for novels has to be quite a bit different from short stories. Still, extremely good to know!

But damn. Just. Damn. It’s amazing to be this far after so long working on it is such a feeling of accomplishment.

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