I’ve recently been putting together some Drabbles on the way to work when I’m too tired to commit to anything bigger. When doing so I’ve found that there are a few paying markets for them including The Flash Fiction Press which picked up my piece ‘The Lost‘ which was released online today. You can check it out from clicking at the linked title a moment ago or by clicking right here.

A few responses so far and mostly positive which is always great. Also a couple comments on how to tighten the first sentence which I’ll be taking to heart if this ever gets reprinted down the line.

For those that follow my work you might recognize the concepts as I have touched upon them before in “The Dig” which was included in Ill-considered Expeditions: Short Sharp Shocks Volume 3 and “A Heartbeat In The Darkness” which I co-wrote with Kerry Lipp and was included in ‘State Of Horror: North Carolina‘. I have another 2 shorts and 3 drabbles set in this world which may or may not see the light of day down the line once I have a chance to give them further edits and shop them around.


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