sirens-call-28It’s been awhile since I made any kind of an update. While I have a few new anthologies that I should be appearing in soon between work, family and the novel my writing has been a little low output wise as of late. That isn’t to say I haven’t been writing, just not submitting or working on getting things published. Or, in a few cases, having things published online which I didn’t have an easy way to show off on the site.

*Ominously* Until now!

I’ve recently made a few changes to the My Works page which shows off what I have in print in various forms.
Previously, I only had anthologies spelled out so when I had ‘The Lost‘ printed online over at The Flash Fiction Press there wasn’t an easy way to see it if you didn’t read the blog posts. Now that I’ve updated the My Works page I have added a few new categories (most of which aren’t visible yet) but those that are include Everything so you can check out anything that I’ve written regardless of format, and Online to check out some of my work which is only available online.

Such as the recently released The Siren’s Call #28 which contains 2 of my drabbles. In it, you can find a new release in ‘Damien’ and a copy of the out of print ‘The Little Fat Man’s Curiosity’. With Drabbles only being 100 words each they are a rather quick read if that’s your thing.

More updates coming soon when I finish the next draft of my novel as well as a couple of anthology announcements that are so close I can taste them!

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