So my next short is one that I’ve been wanting to release for awhile and couldn’t find the right market. In the just released ‘Dead of Winter’ anthology, I was able to do just that as it was an open-ended horror release which I was able to sneak it into! The tale is titled “Fry Machete’s Monsters, Munchies, and Mayhem” and I’m sure anyone who has watched a certain television Network that involves Food might know where I was going with this one.

I don’t usually try to go too overboard with the humor but I feel a few of the comparisons might come off that way while the rest goes from food to having fun killing monsters in a world that has become overrun with them. Only, Fry doesn’t actually know what he’s gotten himself into before it’s too late.

You can pre-order ‘Dead of Winter’ on Amazon right here!

You can read the full anthology announcement including the table of contents below!

A dark collection of short stories spanning multiple genres to chill you to the bone. From horror to fantasy to science fiction and beyond, these are 10 stories to die for.

The Darkness Has Teeth by Pamela Jeffs
A time traveler’s desperate struggle to right the mistake that led to the end of the world. You never know what might be lurking in the shadows until the shadows look back.

The Huntress of Bur by Justin Chasteen
What seemed like just another raid goes wrong in the worst way possible, and the hunters become the hunted. A story with a twist you won’t want to miss.

Fry Machete’s Monsters, Munchies, and Mayhem by Stuart Conover
A reality show about monster eats collides with the monstrous host’s mission to find a killer. Can he do it before his cover is blown?

Only in Death by Zoey Xolton
A woman trapped in the world of the Fae must break free before the baby she’s been forced to carry is born. His birth heralds disaster if she can’t return to her own world in time.

These Claws Dig Shallow Graves by Kevin Holton
Each night a fearsome demon stalks a man as penance for a crime in his past. Or is that the only reason? There’s more to her than meets the eye.

Slipped Stitch by KT Wagner
A chilling piece of dystopian fiction. The system of crime and punishment took a slow, brutal turn, and now it’s more blood sport than justice.

Spotlight by David J. Gibbs
There’s nothing better than Thanksgiving on his uncle’s farm and a night of playing Spotlight. That is until he comes face to face with the real reason for Thanksgiving. Spotlight isn’t so much fun anymore.

Coyoteman by Robert Perret
A gritty supernatural tale of a killer who picks up the wrong pair of drifters. When the tables are turned, all bets are off for how it will end.

The Killers by Meredith Schindehette
A woman wakes to find she has no memory of who she is or how she came to be in a young man’s pickup truck, bound for “the garage”. When she finds out the truth, it’s hard to swallow.

Annabelle Lee by Erin Kahn
An excellent nod to Edgar Allen Poe, a man mourns the loss of his dear wife. But, is she so far away after all?

Available on Amazon.

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