My latest short to be published is now available in “Weird Ales Volume 3: Last Orders‘. “The Dunwich Cold One” is a bit of a Lovecraftian tale which should be clear from the title but with some a fun little drinking environment thrown in. A different twist on some of the mythos that I’m sure some purists will be up in arms about but you can’t make everyone happy!

Still, I had a lot of fun writing this one and hope that you enjoy reading it. The subject pretty much involved about the title “weird ales” and how that could relate to our stories. I decided that I’d like to dip into a pub which has just received a brand new ale to try from a local brewery. Only, if it has Dunwich in the name, things are going to go from bad to worse rather quickly.

Note: At the time of this posting only physical and not digital copies are available for order.


And now, the end is near… From creator Theresa Derwin and editor Lynn M Cochrane comes the final installment of the Weird Ales trilogy. From festivals to free houses, clubs to cantinas, bars to breweries to beerkellers, we’ve travelled the drinking world. But the bell is being rung, so from the hangover from hell to Gav Thorpe’s spectacular conclusion, join us for Last Orders. The last drink you’ll ever take.

Table of Contents:

  • The Last Hangover by: Jonathan Butcher
  • Uncle Bernie’s Liquor Cabinet by: James Newman
  • The Queen’s Head by: Calum Chalmers
  • Yeast Beast Bitter by: E.M. Eastick
  • The Dunwich Cold One by: Stuart Conover
  • The Bitter Taste of Death by: Christopher Mark Stokes
  • The Things You Remember by: Shane Porteous
  • Tenebrae Dark by: Josh Reynolds
  • Alcoholiches Anonymous by: Marc Kadushin
  • The Master Brewer by: Daniel Hall
  • Psychopomp and Ceremony by: Gav Thorpe

Looks to be a pretty thrilling lineup and I recognize a few of those names from various projects, writing groups, etc that I’ve been involved in. While I don’t personally know Gav Thorpe mentioned above, I have heard of his writing so that is an added bonus!

You can order it today on Amazon.

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