It is always exciting to see one of your shorts in a new anthology and I’m happy to announce that “Creature’s Revenge” is now out in the wild in ‘Anatomy of Monsters: Volume 1‘!

The concept behind this anthology was a fun one as we had to place a modern origin story styled spin on classic and iconic horror monsters.

I went with a new take on the ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ as it is the one classic Universal Monster that never seems to get love these days and I had a fun idea for an origin story.

My goal was to not just put the Creature in modern times but put it in the world I’ve been creating in many of my short stories as of late and feel that I succeeded.

Part horror, part revenge, part world-building meant that this was all fun for me to tackle!

A huge bonus to each story in this anthology is the unique artwork created by Greg Chapman which accompanied each piece and really helped to set the mood.


Monsters, creatures, and demons once plagued the world. Some still do. Many stories of their origin have been lost. Until now when the most decadent minds discovered new origins to creatures that have haunted us through the ages. Their words face off with horror itself …

Gather around as Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Josh Malerman, and Brian Hodge, along with 15 more of some of horrors best authors present their takes on the anatomy of monsters.

Artwork and Cover by Greg Chapman

Available on Amazon.

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