While I’ve been slowing down on writing the past few months for a variety of reasons, I still have a pile of shorts out in the ‘to be published’ and ‘to submit’ pile! One of them is almost ready to see the light of day and “Barnaby Braxton’s Night Out” will appear in the anthology ‘C is for Cabbage’! This is a character I’ve got a few tales written about. You can check out the synopsis below with all of the details!

In aid of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, the national children’s cancer charity.

C is for Cabbage, a collection of 20 short stories from 17 truly terrified authors. Open with care, because the pages are crawling with fairies, lobsters, and strangely hip dinosaurs. There’s magic and enchantment, detective twins and drunken wizards. It’s got ghosts, ghouls, and lovestruck vampires; zombies, secret societies, and strange little men who tinker with toys.
With fun and frolics, and maybe a mild curse or two, (not to mention an extraordinary pair of knitting needles,) C is for cabbage is sure to have something for everyone, children and adults alike.

The EXACT release date has yet to be set but it’ll be coming pretty soon. Here is the Table of Contents for those interested!

~ 17 ~
The Tinkerer
Kyle Newton

~ 23 ~
The Case of the Shoelace
Jim Robb

~ 41 ~
Braving the Fire
Chantal Boudreau

~ 55 ~
Silly Moo
Emma Ennis

~ 115 ~
Susan from on High
Brian Dobbins

~ 127 ~
Mouse and Basket
CS Nelson

~ 153 ~
Suzanne Robb

~ 193 ~
The Secret Society Tss & the Government Ship
Brian Dobbins

~ 209 ~
The Day We Played at Middle Ages
Davide Mana

~ 233 ~
The Everful Bottle
Adrian Chamberlin

~ 271 ~
J.L. MacDonald

~ 287 ~
Barnaby Braxton’s Night Out
Stuart Conover

~ 303 ~
Charlie’s Roar
Emma Ennis & Jim Robb

~ 323 ~
A Boy’s Dream
Darren Gallagher

~ 335 ~
To Knit a World, to Darn a Life
Craig Saunders

~ 347 ~
The Corridor
Jason Downes

~ 379 ~
Art of War
Lucha de Leche

~ 393 ~
Glorious Lobster Utopia
Luke T. Harrington

~ 411 ~
Chernobyl Looking Glass
Nathan Robinson

~ 431 ~
C is for Camel
CS Nelson

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