After a long delay and a book rename due to all kinds of hiccups along the way, one of my favorite shorts is now available to read! At this time only the digital release is available but I’ll be sure to let you know when the full copy is out. If digital is your thing though be sure to head over to Amazon and check it out today!

This anthology was to give modern retellings of classic horror creatures. In it, I went with the Creature from the Black Lagoon and created a new twist on an old favorite. I made a few references to the original while crafting a creature which could be used in future works that I have in mind! The story is called ‘Creature’s Revenge’ and is one of the ones I had most enjoyed writing last year.

Eighteen of your favorite authors take you on a trip to discover the reinvented “Origin of Monsters”. Meet the primogeniture from each horrific bloodline as told from creative minds like Ramsey Campbell, Nicholas Vince, Josh Malerman, and more.

A huge bonus to each story in this anthology is the unique artwork created by Greg Chapman which accompanied each piece and really helped to set the mood.

Make sure to get your copy at Amazon!

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