While most of my work has been on a variety of longer works in projects as of late, one story I wrote the outline for is a YA horror piece that takes place in the 90’s. About the time I had really finished fleshing out where I will eventually take that story I was invited to contribute to ‘DeadCades: The Infernal Decimation.’ This anthology is set to take place through different time periods and give horror stories that fit their setting. With ‘Stranger Things’ also having recently been in my viewing schedule I thought about taking the characters I had been developing for the novel (or novella) and backtracking a bit into their past.

That’s where ‘The Shortcut’ came from and how it ended up here.

I hope you enjoy!


The Infernal Clock has previously given you hours and days but now it is feeling more generous and its pendulum has scythed its way across the decades—-or rather, DeadCades. This latest anthology from the Clock weaves its dark stories from the 1880s through the Swinging Sixties and desolate Seventies, and then sprints into the future, finishing at 2020. Within each DeadCade, you will find a microcosm of darkness preceding the main story but whether one hundred words or five thousand, each is definitely of its time. These tales have been written by authors from across the globe—from Australia, the USA and Europe—and from the Bram Stoker nominated to newer contributors to the world of dark fiction. In this latest anthology, you will find a real wealth of talent. So take a trip in our time machine and travel the DeadCades, discover where the monsters hide—in our pages or in our own history. With a foreword by best-selling author of Vox, Christina Dalcher.

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