Do you love digital horror zines? If so, you might want to check out Horror Bites Magazine #8! It includes a reprint of my short story “We Lost Charlie Today” which was originally published in ‘Soul Survivors Volume 2’ on 10/19/15! A day shy of 3 years after it was first released!

I love it when a new release breathes fresh life into one of my older works!

This magazine includes:
Horror Bites Magazine is an online horror magazine. In each issue of Horror Bites Magazine, we cover the spread of horror found in the web’s darkest nooks and crannies, from creepypasta to creature features, all of the way to fiction almost too weird to be called horror.

Fully funded by horror lovers around the web via Kickstarter and Patreon, this issue brings you excellent horror by, Nicole Lynn, J. J. Smith, Judith Baron, Stuart Conover, Rick McQuiston, Christopher Moylan and Matthew M. Montelione. Editing by Kelby Barker

In this issue, 7 stories covering:

-All soldiers bring something back with them when they return from war. However, when Elijah Lockwood returned from the Revolutionary War, his memories were conspicuously absent. What he brought back in their place was far more… beastly.

-Scrounging the blasted landscapes of Earth is no easy task, especially when the monsters that did the deed still roam. Less easy still is recounting the tale of lost comrades to those left behind. It might be hard to keep one’s sanity through it all, no?

-Marriage is all about give and take, and at no time is that truer than when one’s spouse is in trouble. However some changes are easier to bear than others, and when one person in particular’s wife starts to change certain secrets must be guarded. My wife doesn’t know, and hopefully she never will.

-Moving to a new country, although being a great step toward a better life, can be a harrowing experience. Different food, different language, and even unfamiliar customs can all cause day to day inconveniences that lead to an overall unease. Worse still, and fortunately more rare, is coming face to face with a local urban legend. Unfortunately for one live-in maid and cook, that’s exactly what her move to Hong Kong had in store.

-And More

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