At long last, the first yearly collection of ‘Trembling With Fear’ from Horror Tree is out.


This was a grueling process to co-edit with Stephanie Ellis, but we’ve got it done and out into the world. The work also includes some of my drabbles, and I’m thrilled that it is FINALLY seeing the light of day. Special thanks to all the work that went into this from Steph as without her this likely wouldn’t have been finished. A special side thanks also go to Andrew Butcher who helped put together the cover, multiple times. It took us about five tries to get Amazon to finally approve it!

This Trembling With Fear anthology is a compilation of all the drabbles, flash fiction stories and dark poetry published during 2017 at In its pages, you will find work from both the novice and the established writer, the newbie, and the award-winner. Here, the dead walk and murders abound, demons and ghosts torment the living whilst vampires and wolves compete for space with internet and aliens. Within these pages you will find dark speculative fiction from contributors across the globe, for our world is a world without borders. Nowhere is safe from the dark.

We have had some amazing talent contribute to the first year of ‘Trembling With Fear,’ and we hope that you enjoy reading these as much as we have!

As this was JUST released the physical and digital copies aren’t combined quite yet, but you can snag the physical copies on Amazon right here and the digital copies right here!

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