I have 5 drabbles (100-word short stories) in the upcoming release of ‘Worlds: A Science Fiction Microfiction Anthology’ by Black Hare Press and the anthology is officially up for pre-order on Amazon!

This collection will contain my works:

  • The Cure
  • Jason’s Late-Night Jog
  • The Vesper
  • A Waste Of Life
  • Mav Pressed On
  • These works are unrelated to previous worlds I have created and from one another! They were a blast to write as I haven’t had much of an opportunity to dip my pen into the world of science fiction that often.

    Stories of new worlds, new creatures, alien colonisation, humanity’s new home, space accidents, alien snackcidents, evil planets, military mashups, alien autopsies, and much, much more.

    What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?

    More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.

    You can pre-order this anthology today on Amazon!

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