Two of the final installments of the “Dark Drabbles” series from Black Hare Press are now available as both ‘Love’ and ‘Hate are due out on March 17th, 2020! Each of these will contain another 5 of my drabbles (100-word pieces of fiction), and what is fun about these releases is that a story in each of these is directly related to one another!

In ‘Love’ you’ll see “Twisted tales of love in tiny proportions” while ‘Hate’ will deliver “Dark tales of hate and revenge in bite-sized chunks.” Dark Hare Press wants to know, “What miracles can one hundred debuts to bestselling authors do with 100 words?” Soon, you’ll be able to find out first hand!

Note: The following two links are affiliate links which means I would earn a small percentage of each sale made.

You can order ‘Love’ right here and ‘Hate’ right here!

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