Well, while making a bit of an update to the website, I somehow missed adding that ‘Solitude‘ came out back in January! The anthology was released by DBND Publishing and has a reprint of ‘We Lost Charlie Today’ which was originally published in 2015 in ‘Soul Survivors Volume II.’

You can find out more about the anthology below:

The second anthology from DBND Publishing features 16 tales of horror exploring what it means to be truly alone and forsaken. It might be the end of the world, a psychotic break, or a situation so bizarre and isolating that there are barely words to describe it, but what they all have in common is the isolation, left to fend for yourself in these and many more terrifying situations.

Featuring stories by: Robert Allen Lupton, Jon Douglas Rainey, Craig Crawford, Jeremy Thompson, Henry Snider, Tim Mendees, M.J. Mellor, Stuart Conover, Edward Winkle, Scotty Milder, Tabitha Gidcomb, Richard Beauchamp, David M. Donachie, Tim Jeffreys, Watt Morgan, and Mike Kanner.

You can purchase ‘Solitude’ on Amazon!

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