My latest short story “The Hard Cases” has been released in the western horror anthology ‘The Dark Frontier.’ I’ve been hoping to find a home for this one for the last couple of years. Westerns don’t tend to be my thing for writing, however, I grew up listening to a LOT of Louis L’Amour on audiobooks from my grandmother’s love for them. So, when writing this I kept that narrator’s voice and tone in mind on putting the story together. You can pick up a copy on Amazon!

The full synopsis of the anthology can be found below:

“There’s something sinister in the mountain, letting monsters loose upon the world. Civilization is collapsing; the lands are submerged in shadow. Soon, the darkness will consume the countryside, leaving but one path through the void – a path that cuts across the Dark Frontier.

This western wasteland sprawls across the ruins of what were once the great cities of humankind. Now, beneath the looming devastation, standing on the precipice of extinction, man finds himself driven by temptation and survival to steal and to kill. The innocent huddle in the shades and crevices of civilization’s cemetery, praying to the deafened gods of faded faiths to help them make it through the apocalypse. Then the dark guardians of the new world rise from the deep, stomping over the land, and feeding on the twisted souls of those who survived the first cataclysm.

In its last stand for survival, humanity will tear itself into fragments and then scatter in the winds of war, famine, and fire. Regimes meant to protect the populace, lone heroes, and those determined to make it through the end times will rise and fall, live and die, and cross the broken prairies and scorched lands only to arrive in cities reduced to rubble, crawling with killers and creatures that devour the ghosts of man. They will have no choice but to return to the shattered wilderness of the Dark Frontier.

It is out there, beyond the edges of dead worlds, past the graveyards where the grand plans of man now wither and rot, where all shall find their end, where humanity’s swan song will be swallowed by the black winds of chaos spreading from the hills and mountains. Trapped in the shadows that surround the world, as the wall of the black void closes in, man’s revelation comes down to one question: is the evil out there where the world is dying, or was the Dark Frontier inside us all along?

The Pale Horse has come, and it carries the Black Angel. Get ready to ride.”

Make sure to pick up a copy of “The Dark Frontier” today on Amazon!

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