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I just found out that yesterday, ‘FERAL: It Takes A Forest To Raise A Child’ edited by regular Horror Tree contributor Robert Allen Lupton has been released. As I’ve got a short story in this anthology, I felt that I had to share it with you! Most of the tales within are horror though I went into the world of fantasy for this one with ‘Elire’s Ward’. It takes place in the fantasy world which I’ve slowly been building over the past couple of years and aside from a drabble is the first short story to officially take place in this world to make it into print! (Though, two more are under contract…) I hope that you enjoy it!

IT TAKES A FOREST TO RAISE A CHILD! Feral Children stories and novels have always had a place in literature. Plutarch wrote about Romulus and Remus around year 75 AD. Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle book in the 19th Century. We’ve all read the tales of the Jungle Lord. Feral children hold a special fascination for those of us raised in civilized surroundings. Pulp magazines and films from the before World War Two featured children raised by lions, bears, bats, condors, and several other wild beasts.This collection contains nineteen new stories about children raised in the wild – where Mama walked on four legs, swam in the oceans, lakes, or swamps, or flew through the air with the greatest of ease. There’s horror and humor, drama and pathos, and even a touch of romance. Alligators, wolves, dogs, dragons, flamingos, strange birds, foxes, snakes, armadillos, rats, beavers, and even a smart oak tree inside. Come on in and howl at the moon, slither in the grass, fly with the flamingos, and swim with the beavers. You might learn to breathe fire, hunt with the pack, and live with a dolphin pod. Just remember, Mama’s always right.

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