“Sarah and the Clicker” is a very different type of story from what I usually write and was originally featured online. Now, it has been picked up by Writers Prison for their reprint anthology ‘Second Hand Creeps’ Volume 1.


Every well told tale deserves to be told again. Here at Writers Prison we recognize that fact and proudly present twenty-one tales collected by Franklin E. Wales and Joseph M. Monks.

Featuring: Martin Reaves, Brian Rosenberger, Naching T. Kassa, Jacki Wildman Wales, Maynard Blackoak, Catrin Sian Rutland, Stuart Conover, Sam Hill, Rod Marsden, Jeffrey Kosh, Katt Dunsmore, Chris Rodriguez, James Pyne, Lori Safranek, Christopher Kahler, Tarl Hoch, Kala Godin, Candace Nola, Ken Goldman, Jerry W. McKinney and David Tocher.

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