Black Ink Fiction has just released ‘Infection’ which is the first anthology in their “Legends of Night” series. In it, are a stunning new array of drabbles from quite a few talented authors. You’ll see familiar names for anyone who collects drabble collections or reads Trembling With Fear on Horror Tree from folks like Hari Navarro, Hillary Lyon, Patrick Winters, Radar DeBoard, and, of course, myself in there as well.

This anthology collects my previously unreleased drabbles:
– An Oral History of the Montello Brothers
– Michael’s Luck
– The Scratching
– The Things We’ve Lost
– What’s a Girl to Do?

The undead are among us. Shambling, groaning, eating brains…taking trips to Vegas all-you-can-eat buffets?

Everyone knows the zombie apocalypse is bound to happen, these authors just bring it to you sooner than you expected. Authors from all over the globe spin terrifying tales of the infected and undying in just 100 words per story.

From soccer mom zombies to military experiments; reanimated commanders directing an army of zombies to a monster-esque meteorologist. Get a fresh take on an undead theme with Infection from Black Ink Fiction.

Using my affiliate link (which means that I do geta portion of the sale at no added costs to you), you can buy a copy of ‘Infection’ over at Amazon

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