Well folks, another world I’ve been slowly working on creating is a fantasy realm and we’re making another visit to it in Black Hare Press’s ‘Reign’. In it, you’ll find “Putting Things in Perspective’ which introduces one of the lead characters in the first novella I’m planning on releasing in this new world! I’m sorry for the delay in posting as this one was actually released on August 15th, 2021. Each story in this antholoyg clocks in at exactly 500 words!

Tales of majesty and the Crown have enthralled us all for centuries.

Here, in exactly 500 words, authors regale us with their insights into matters of royal record with stories of awakening Storm Queens wreaking havoc over kingdoms, of magic, of mayhem, of goblins and royal revenge.

Whether glamourous and alluring, or despotic and cruel…heavy is the crown.

Available on Amazon.

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