‘Chronos: An Anthology of Time Drabbles’ was originally released in 2018 and Shacklebound Books has just re-released this anthology with a new cover. The digital cover is already on the market, and the full wrap of the physical cover can be seen here and should be available shortly. This collection includes 2 of my drabbles (100-word stories) related to time.

The drabbles included are “Good Luck Back There Eve” and “The Prophecy of Byrek.” While the first drabble is entirely standalone, “The Prophecy of Byrek” directly includes one of the major players in the fantasy world that I’ve been building out. It will likely later be featured in a collection I am slowly planning out and play a pivotal part in how one of the major story lines play out.

Chronos is an anthology of drabbles (a story told in exactly one-hundred words) themed around time. Seventy-five talented authors from around the world come together to present ninety-eight stories of time, time travel, time zones, time manipulation, flash-forwards, space-time, time freezes, and so many other variations on the theme.

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