I am notorious for doing a bad job at listing my releases over the past year. So, I’m thrilled to share that I had 3 wintertime drabbles (100-word stories) featured in the anthology ‘Winter Shocks’ from Black Ink Fiction. The three are, “The Night Before The End”, “Yule Be Sorry”, and “The Naughty List.” The first two were directly Santa related while the third, actually is related to the dark westerns that I’ve penned a few of. I believe this is the second in print of eight stories written.

Winter comes, bringing cold weather, warm fireplaces, and joyous holidays to celebrate with family…as long as that family has bought the right gifts and doesn’t need murdered for their insolence, that fire isn’t stoked by the flesh of your enemies, and the cold weather doesn’t freeze you into a human popsicle.

From more than 50 international authors, these wintery drabbles have been crafted to remind you that before you can have the rebirth of spring, first there must be death.

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