Hello all! I have some more drabble out in the world. It’s been a while since I’ve published a full short though that will hopefully become clear as to why later this year. In the meantime, Black Ink Fiction has released their 4th drabble anthology titled ‘The Mummy,’ and this one includes my drabble “The Emerald Tomb Raider”

Mummies have captured humans’ imaginations for thousands of years. They promise an afterlife of power and riches, the hope that there is something after death, and sometimes, the chance to return to the land of the living.

In this anthology, we’ve gathered more than 150 micro-fiction stories from authors around the globe. Each tale offers one hundred words, a glimpse into each world, with a promise that there is more out there–and more to mummies–that needs to be explored. Part of Black Ink Fiction’s exploration into the Legends of Night, this monster collection is sure to wrap its way around your heart.

Available on Amazon.

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