Black Hare press put a lot of effort into trying to inspire authors at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown and created a variety of anthologies coming out across multiple genres. While I didn’t participate in most of these, I did want to get a fantasy story submitted in the world that I’ve been crafting, and this release includes ‘Jossep’s Delivery.’ It centers around Jossep, who is a character that is important in some of the longer works that I’m in the middle of writing.

This collection also includes:

  • Chasonette by Erica Schaef
  • Songs for Lilly by Joachim Heijndermans
  • Our Beating Hearts by Kaitlyn Arnett
  • Fountain of Youth by M. M. Montelione
  • Through the Clouds, Over the Sea by McKenzie Richardson
  • The Beast in the Basement by Rhiannon Bird
  • Malomenire the Mad by Shawn M. Klimek
  • Available on Amazon.

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