Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the web! My name is Stuart Conover. I am a father (With 2 sons of pure awesome sauce), husband (my wife makes my world go round), dog lover (one rescued lab at a time), blogger (Horror, Science Fiction, Tech, and more!), published author (short stories so far), geek (Comic book and movie junkie right here!), entrepreneur (though not a self employed one), and horror fanatic (BOO!).

I am a resident of the Chicago suburbs having moved from the city to the outskirts once I settled down with my muse, my love, my wife: Leah. The picture above was not taken in Chicago though the title of the book that was laying on me perfectly describes what I was doing and my preferred state of mind – vacation. Laid back is an understatement when describing my usual mindset!

By day I work in IT, by night I am with my family, in between on the train (and whenever else I can sneak it in) I write. For as long as I can remember I’ve written as a hobby and love to do it. Prior to my wife and I tying the proverbial knot (or was that a ball and chain that was tied around me?) she asked me an extremely important question that really made me think and kick my writing up a notch.

And the question was:

What are you passionate about?

Well that stopped and made me think about what I was passionate about. I honestly wasn’t sure. There was a lot of things that I enjoyed doing in my free time but things that I was passionate about? What did I keep turning back to for fun, for distraction, for side income, for what I enjoyed doing, for what I loved? While I could answer all kinds of fun and dirty things here the truth of the matter was that the answer is writing. From that simple question I went from writing on the side to writing for side income and creating whole new worlds. Well small tiny worlds to begin with as I entered the short story market.

After figuring out the question we’ve both since moved on to new jobs, a new house, a rescued dog, and a rather awesome kid. Yet the writing is now a constant in my life. It may be one that is hard to keep juggling in all of the time – but its always there. It is there and that’s why I’m here. Hopefully from enjoying my writing that is why you are here too!

So one might ask:

What websites do you write at?

Currently I am the Editor-in-Chief for the JournalStone Network of websites which include: Buy Zombie, HellNotes, The Horror Review, and Horror World. I also run my little growing community for horror authors Horror Tree. I also am a staff writer for ScienceFiction.com. I am generally open for doing guest posts on other websites as well and have contributed to a variety of horror websites over the years.

How do you fit in writing with everything else going on?

That is a tricky question. Without giving up sleep entirely (which is tempting) I do the vast majority of my writing on the train in and out of the city as well as my lunch break. Occasionally there are nights where my family goes to bed early or weekends or days that I have free time to fit it in as well.

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